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The Preamble to the Constitution
of the National Grange
Written by William Saunders
Recited by Mr. Dusty Saucier
Daily at 6 AM, 12 Noon and 6 PM Eastern

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Saving Camp Berger

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Saturday at 7 am, 11am, 3 pm & 7 pm (EST)
Sunday at 8 am, 12 Noon, 4 pm & 8 pm (EST)
For More Information on Camp Berger
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Camp Berger Information

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Donations to the Camp Berger PayPal Account are made through the Connecticut State Grange Foundation, a registered 501c3 Public Charity. Your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. Every dollar will go directly to Camperships enabling families in need to send their kids to camp this summer. Thank you from all of us at Camp Berger and the Connecticut State Grange!  

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What Does the Farmer Say?

So God Made a Farmer!

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Listener Supported, NGPR, National Grange Public Radio is The Voice of American Communities! NGPR is a public service of The National Grange and operates under the National Grange Foundation. The National Grange was founded in 1867and is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, fraternal organization that advocates for rural America and agriculture. With a strong history in grassroots activism, family values and community service, the Grange is part of more than 2,100 hometowns across the United States.

National Grange  Public Radio (NGPR) is for all to enjoy and to learn about the Grange and the good works Grange Chapters do throughout America in their communities and states. Grange Radio provides a wide variety of music and several educational programs for the entire family.

Our web site and station is still very much under construction and ask for your understanding as we Grow! Many new features are in the works not only with NGPR but this web site as well. Please check back each day as we continue to build to see all of the new updates.


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